Important Deadlines

-April 15 Tax Deadline-

April 15th is the last day you will be able to file your tax return or file an extension and pay your estimated tax liability before your tax return is considered late. To request an extension, please contact our office and we can email the forms to you, or you can find the 2 forms on our website, under the tab “Client Resources”. The IRS will grant you an additional six months, until October 15 to file your return. The IRS requires you to estimate and pay your tax liability before it will grant you an extension. So even though you may be able to extend the time to file, you won’t be able to postpone paying your tax liability.

April 15 is an important deadline for late tax filers as well. The IRS only grants refunds for late taxes three years after the return’s original due date. This means, for example, that the deadline to collect a 2011 refund is April 15, 2015. After this date, you’ll no longer be able to claim your 2011 refund.

-March 15 Tax Deadline-

Are you Incorporated? March 15 is the deadline for S-corporations to file a tax return. If you are not ready to file your corporate tax return by this deadline, please contact our office request an extension. We can efile the Federal extension form, but you will have mail in the State voucher with the annual corporate payment of approximately $800.

-September 15 Tax Deadline-

September 15th is the deadline to efile an S-corporate tax return, after filing an extension back in March. A tax return can still be prepared after this date, but it must be mailed or brought directly to the IRS.

-October 15 Tax Deadline-

October 15 is the last day to efile your individual tax return after you filed an extension back in April. Tax returns cans still be prepared after the October 15th deadline, but will have to be paper
filed through the mail or at the IRS office.

If You Miss All Deadlines…

We can still prepare your tax return! Keep in mind however, you’ll need to mail your tax return to the IRS once it’s prepared. Not to mention, if you have tax liability, you will face penalties for filing late.