Incorporation Services

Starting any sort of business venture is no easy task. Sometimes entrepreneurs give up before they even get started because they are not sure how to turn their dream into a reality. For this reason, it is so important that you speak with expert consultants to help you with this process. The experienced team at Leiman and Associates has helped countless clients start their own businesses. 

Helping You Along the Way

Many steps must be taken when you first set out to start your own business. The proper business licenses must be obtained, the right paperwork needs to be filled out, and you must make some crucial decisions about the nature of the business itself before it even exists. By working with Leiman and Associates, you will receive the type of guidance and advice about beginning your business venture that will help you prevent potential difficulties in the future.

Some of the starting business matters we can assist you with include the following:

  • Corporate paperwork

  • Personalized corporate book

  • Payroll setup

  • Employer identification number

  • State and local business licenses

  • Business entity selection

When you come to Leiman and Associates for incorporation services, we will help you look ahead while also making sure that your needs are met in the here and now.

Succession Planning and Beyond

Starting your business is just the beginning. Now that all the pieces are in place, it’s important that you keep looking ahead. The team at Leiman and Associates will apply its decades of experience and help you devise the best possible strategies for the future needs of your business. This may include developing a succession plan, developing far-reaching business goals, and examining the most advantageous tax strategies that are available. We also have vast experience with retirement planning, for instance, when to take social security etc. Whatever the needs may be, our expert team will be glad to help.